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Sport Simulation Games & Themes

Motor Racing


Combine one of four different Thunderhead Racing tracks with the Pit Stop Challenge, then add from a long list of video driving games and activities. Ladies and gentlemen start your engines!

Soccer Challenge


 Combine our four-player remote control soccer game with foosball,  soccer  radar cage challenge,  Wii soccer games and the game is on! The soccer challenge theme is perfect for large scale soccer tournaments/promotions and fundraisers.

Golf Challenge


Combine our Long Drive Golf Challenge with Pure Launch Radar technology with Golf-Chipping Challenge, shuffle golf, mini golf and Putting Challenge and you have a competition ready made for any corporate event.


 Hockey Challenge


Our hockey packages are Ideal for hockey fundraisers, promotions, kids parties or corporate themed parties.  Combine Top Shot Hockey, table top Rod Hockey games, air hockey and NHL video games for a classic hockey competition. 

Ultimate Fight Night 


This interacitve Combo is for anyone that loves to challenge themselves.  These safe but physical activies are perfect for youth groups, sport team, or corporate team building events with an edge.   Sumo wresting (in giant sumo suits) and bouncing boxing (with oversized boxing gloves), Joust and battling bouncing balls will test your will to win in the craziest  ultimate  challenge ever!

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